Welcome to the Nangia Research Lab!

Nangia research group welcomes all students regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, economic background, disability, or training. Our group’s mission is to facilitate learning and growth through a collaborative, inclusive, and nurturing environment. We believe that solving scientific problems requires different perspectives, which a diverse group provides.


Molecular Modeling from Angstroms to Microns!

Our Focus

  • Blood-brain barrier tight junctions
  • Intestinal tight junctions
  • Posttranslational modifications of proteins
  • Amphiphilic character of proteins
  • Gram negative bacterial membranes
  • Antibiotic resistance
  • Epigenetics

Research interests

We develop computational methods in the areas of tight junction architecture, blood-brain barrier, nanomedicine, drug delivery, biofilms, and antibiotic resistance. A critical focus of the research is the design of efficient algorithms to study biological interfaces and biophysics. The goal is to advance the field of computational biophysics which holds the key to a new era of treatment for multiple diseases.