• One University award winners-Shikha, Santita, and Katie!

Our Focus

We are a multiscale modeling group focussed on:

  • Architecture of the Blood-brain barrier tight junctions
  • Targeted cancer drug delivery
  • Nanocarriers for brain tumor treatment
  • Gram negative bacterial membranes
  • Nano-bio interfaces

Research interests

We develop computational methods in the areas of nanomedicine, drug delivery, biofilms, catalysis, and dissolution. A critical focus of the research is the design of efficient nanosized drug-delivery carriers to target cancer tumor cells. In addition to synthetically fabricated carriers, strategies are being developed to modify naturally occurring viruses as drug delivery agents. The goal is to advance the field of nanomedicine which holds the key to a new era of cancer treatment. Further research effort is on understanding the chemical and mechanical properties in bacterial biofilms essential for designing better antibiotic drugs.